Design and development is specialising in WebDesign, Web Development and Search Engine Optimisation. is a relatively new company, however the founders Erik Lang and Trond Eriksen have more than 20 years combined experience in the industry. Currently, employs 2 people, Henning Astrup og Elise Livold.

Latest projects

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Autonoleggio Aeroporto (IT) is focusing on the Italian car rental market. Visitors can book a car in 130 countries.

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Optimised and also updated the design. On the website visitors can book hotels in Oslo.

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We made the design for The website is in Norwegian and focus on airport car hire.

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Autoverhuur Luchthaven (NL) is a dutch airport car hire website. We designed and optimised the website.

[snap url=”” w=”130″ h=”70″] is a swedish website where visitors can book a car in over 30 000 locations.

[snap url=”” w=”130″ h=”70″] is similar to the other mentioned websites, only in Danish.

[snap url=”” w=”130″ h=”70″] is a finnish website. We designed the website, and will also be doing some on-site SEO on the website.

[snap url=”” w=”130″ h=”70″] is also a car hire website. Visitors can book a car in at more than 5000 airports.

[snap url=” w=”130″ h=”70″] compares more than 900 hire car companies to find the best prices. We designed this website also.

[snap url=”” w=”130″ h=”70″] is the UK version of the sites above. The website has few visitors at the moment, but the traffic is increasing.

[snap url=”” w=”130″ h=”70″] is the French version of the sites above. The website was launched in January 2014.

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Polish website compares car rental prices in more than 5000 airports around the world including Poland.

[snap url=”” w=”130″ h=”70″] is the Czech version of the websites above. The car rental website is popular in Czech Republich.

[snap url=”” w=”130″ h=”70″] compares car rental prices for the Spanish. The website has more than thousand visitors a week.

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Hotell og overnatting Tromsø is a hotel comparison website for Tromsø. You can compare most hotel agencies and find the best price for accommodation.

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Mittforbrukslå consists of personal loan and credit card articles. The website is brand new with few visitors.

[snap url=”” w=”130″ h=”70″] is a new website that we have SEO optimised. consists mainly of articles related to credit cards.

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Tø is a Norwegian website for hotels in Tønsberg. Currently you can choose between 10 hotels in Tønsberg, Norway.