Social Media Marketing in 2014

The invincible development in the social media marketing has made businesses more popular amongst people regardless of the mass, demography and the product or service. In 2013, a database has been made which proved that social media has become an important component of the promotion policies according to 93% dealers. Now-a-days, social media marketing has become an integral part of our daily routine. Social networks for example, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Skype are now considered an important part of our daily schedule and it will be like this for a very long time. All this information is helpful and provides a positive policy towards the styles and trends of social media marketing which is considered to rule over online marketing in future.

social-mediaSocial media marketing can be further sub-divided on the basis of different types of marketing. The first one is “location/locality centred marketing”. Location/locality centred marketing comprises of GPS technology which matches the mobile phones and guides the geographical location to the customer. This is helpful in making and sending advertisements to fulfil the specified customer’s needs and demands.

The usage of mobile phones has now become a new trend, keeping this in mind all the business people enhance mostly mobile applications in order to make their applications more popular and used.

  • Increasing Use of Mobile Phones:

Because of the fact that the popularity in mobile phones as the tool for network usage is increasing every day, businesses need to employ marketing techniques based on the mobile platform. The use of latest networking features in the new smartphones make it imperative for these companies to incorporate these innovative marketing techniques related to the social media.

  • Marketing of mobile phone applications:

This idea can be very well understood by the example of a new mobile application called Snapchat. What it does is that it sends text and multimedia messages, or ‘snaps’, which expire or get deleted automatically after a predefined period. What marketers can do is ask customers to share snaps of their time or experience with the marketer. The marketer in this case could be a store, a hotel etc. which could use this sort of in-store promotion.

  • Marketing Through Videos:

Another way to put a company’s name on the social scene is through videos. Videos have always been known to be the most interactive tool for sharing your ideas. It has become the most popular marketing tool, and applications and platforms like Vine and Instagram do very well to promote this method. An ever-increasing trend that companies are using short videos to effectively share their brands with people is being seen, and this may very well be the hottest trend in the near future.

For any business, the first tool for its success is marketing. Marketing ensures accessibility, it creates the necessary interest that is required to be generated among the masses for any product to be successful. The increasing use of social networking begs the need for designing new strategies by the companies in order to exploit the advantages it brings with itself. It is now easier and more effective to share your product with the world, in more than one ways through these popular social platforms, and that has become a need of the time for any marketer looking to sell a product.

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