White Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO

An extensive range of SEO techniques are present for making an improvement in the search engine placements of web sites and the individual pages. Some techniques can be positive and proper but most of them can have a negative, dangerous and devious impact. The dealers with different experience levels prefer both ways, negative and positive depending on which would give them more success or profit. The techniques having decent and positive influence are known as “White Hat SEO”, while the other techniques having a negative impact are known as “Black Hat SEO”. This difference is created by the internet users or dealers or people who are into this profession.

Optimizing META tags, depositing keywords in URLs, give in sites to directories, creating sitemaps, getting links on related sites and making keyword-optimized content, these all are considered examples of White Hat Black-Hat-SEOSEO. These techniques make easier for the people to find appropriate pages according to their interests and needs. Google webmaster tool is an excellent example of those ways and methods that search engines promote and prefer.


As far as Black Hat SEO is concerned, it involves forwarding spiders or traps to multiple pages for the people or invitees to see, “spam” or in other words inappropriate comments on blogs, forums and articles, and last but not the least adding a list of keywords in a very small writing at the end of every page. As discussed earlier that these techniques have a negative impact, they also decrease the feature of search engine results. These methods can mislead people by making them open up such sites they were never concerned about and as a result, those sites get minimum usage with the help of tricking people into it. Black Hat SEO methods are quicker and easier to execute, as negative way is always easier than the positive one and it is a fact that no one can deny. These techniques can be sometimes unproductive; they can also endanger sites and decrease their usage level to zero, which results in eliminating that site from the results of search engines.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO are time taking but gathers extraordinary results lasting a very long time with positive influence as a dessert. The sites which don’t trick people into visiting them are more preferable and used by the people and they are placed above the Black Hat SEO sites. And the best part is that these sites can never be afraid of being eliminated from the search engine results.  White Hat SEO techniques should be used and implemented properly, otherwise if not executed effectively than it would definitely be turned into Black Hatted techniques.

White Hat SEO methods should be preferred over Black Hat SEO techniques in order to get a better long-term result and have a positive impact on the web. Now-a-days, with the help of technology, search engine can detect the websites which have used Black Hatted techniques for their promotion which is not good for the web developers and promoters. It is better to take a long road rather than a short-cut which helps in saving a few seconds in the beginning but can be dangerous for the rest of your life.

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