History of Search Engine Optimization

A world without search engines! It is hard to even comprehend what it would be like. Even though they are only 20 years old, search engines have given the user the power to access unlimited knowledge. This has led to the amazing growth of search engine optimization (SEO) as more businesses look for ways to make it easier for their customers to find information related to the services/products they offer.

Search engine optimization traces its roots back to a time when the internet was new. The World Wide Web (WWW) was just a collection of some research papers published on the computer network. SEO came into existence when the first search engines were born.

Emergence of SEO

historyIt was during the mid-1990s, when AltaVista was the top-dog of search engines and Google was just a concept. Web developers back then used to submit their websites to AltaVista in order to get more traffic to their website. Later on spiders and crawlers were introduced. Their work was to visit the websites that had been submitted and create a copy of all their web pages. This allowed the website to be indexed once the spiders had downloaded it to the search engine’s server, making it easier to find them when searched.

It was in 1994 that modern search engines like Yahoo emerged. These companies started to experiment with different ways of search engine optimization because when it came to increasing online traffic and advertisements, search engines were the key.

In 1997 the term SEO was first suggested by technologist Danny Sullivan. It was first documented in August 1997 by Multimedia Marketing Group. Around this time Yahoo and other search engines started to use SEO techniques as more website developers started to come up with ways to do SEO. The rapid growth of the SEO industry was unexpected and gave rise to the competitive search engine relationship that remains even today.

The Core of Internet Marketing Today

Nowadays SEO is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing. This importance has given rise to many firms and even individuals who provide SEO services. In order to get more visitors, it is essential to have a high ranking website. The more people that visit means more are the chances of turning them from potential customers to paying customers.

The internet started as just a means to hold and share research papers but has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. With so much knowledge and content available, the only way to make sure that you are found is through Search Engine Optimization.

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