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White Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO

An extensive range of SEO techniques are present for making an improvement in the search engine placements of web sites and the individual pages. Some techniques can be positive and proper but most of them can have a negative, dangerous …

The Origins of Web Design

How would the internet feel without all the flashy websites and colorful graphics that we have become used to over the years? The face of the Internet used to be quite different in the beginning. It’s pretty hard to visualize

History of Search Engine Optimization

A world without search engines! It is hard to even comprehend what it would be like. Even though they are only 20 years old, search engines have given the user the power to access unlimited knowledge. This has led to …

Social Media Marketing in 2014

The invincible development in the social media marketing has made businesses more popular amongst people regardless of the mass, demography and the product or service. In 2013, a database has been made which proved that social media has become an …

Getting Started on Link Building – The 5 Traditional Types

In the murky depths of the world of SEO, since the advent of Google’s Page Rank algorithm and continuing with Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates, link building is considered a pivotal part in the process. The process that begun with,

What is Web Design – The ABCs

 Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.

-Web Design Official Wiki

The term has been around since the advent of internet, and points towards the processes, skills, and techniques that are used …

What is SEO?

The letters SEO are an acronym for the term ‘Search Engine Optimization’. This is the process through which different websites end up sitting at the top of the search engines when you search for something that could be on a …